YES Across the Nation and Around
   the World

At Youth Entertainment Studios young people unleash their creative talents in a structured environment. YES empowers youth in media arts and technology through linking their passion for youth culture with technology and communication skills.

Larry Mayes, Director of the Log School in Boston, had many positive things to say about YES. “The program is tailored to the needs of youth today. Instead of being out on the streets youth are working on something that is both beneficial and fun!” Recently YES assisted the Log School in developing and launching a radio station for girls – Radio LOG (R-LOG) 540 AM – in Boston.

Paula Howe leads the City of Paterson School-Based Program in New Jersey, holds the YES program in very high regard. She expects a lot of involvement at the recently opened studio. Adding to the mix of music with English and History. “You start by using their interests to get them focused. Then, you show them how much a well-rounded education can assist their efforts.”

Chris Woodall Executive Director and Co-Founder of TRIBE ONE in Knoxville, TN., had this to say about YES; “Youth can learn every aspect of the music industry.” The youth are given the chance to produce, create, and market their work. In doing so we can provide an opportunity to learn and help them as they are blessed by the effort and care that is put in to teaching them new things. Dino McCoy, TRIBE ONE Studio CEO, said he likes the YES Model because “it draws people in.” There could not be a better or simpler explanation in support of YES. “It adds discipline and shows the way to success;” says Dino. The plain fact is that YES is extremely marketable to youth since music makes up such a large part of their lives.

“Kids today have an extreme passion for music;” said Kourtnee Green of Norfolk, VA. “Being able to be a part of a studio at this level gives them power.” Making youth a part of something they identify with puts them in your hands. We can open large doors by giving them the tools to succeed and grow. “They can then use their energy creatively to effectively convey their thoughts and feelings.”

According to Alwyn Periera in London, England “Here in the UK we had been working with something very similar such as running workshops to develop the Performing arts but nothing at the level of Technical skills and caliber of Mentors as YES. It is a simple and effective model to deliver high tech education, by the community for the community - YES is very much a local solution.”

YES is a revolutionary way to reach the youth of today. The YES program offers youth an opportunity to pursue a dream to have their talents and skills appreciated all over the world.