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Youth Entertainment Studios now offers customized curricula development services to organizations wishing to start or expand media arts and technology programs. Our curricula are project-oriented, each one culminating with the completion of a media project specifically designed to reinforce the knowledge and skills appropriated by the participants.  Each curriculum, in addition to multimedia and technology training, contains personal development workshops that will help youth to explore their own personal values, interpersonal relationships, and real-life communication and coping skills.

The YES Curricula are designed within the framework of STEM education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and require youth the actively engage problems in order to find their solutions. STEM education utilizes the technology component which provides a creative and innovative way to problem solve and apply the skills and information that is learned. These technology skills are going to be required in order for today’s students to be 21st century global leaders. STEM teaches independent innovation and group collaboration while also allowing students to explore greater depths of other subjects using the skills they have learned. The YES curricula incorporate both digital media literacy and technology training. The Music Industry Basics Program provides youth with the foundational building blocks for further personal and professional development.

YES and Media Literacy:
YES Curricula include integrated media literacy training, which help participants understand the importance of media and the influence it has on their everyday lives.  Through the media literacy sessions, youth begin to explore the meaning of media, how the media industry functions overall, as well as techniques the media uses to exert influence over the lives of consumers.  Youth also learn how to interpret media and the messages they send.  Most importantly, youth learn how to use media production and marketing tools to shape the world in which they live.

YES has substantial expertise and over twenty years experience in designing programs, curricula, and participant workbooks in a variety of media platforms, including the following:

Music Industry Basics
Music Industry: Advanced Artists
Music Industry: Advanced Producers
Radio Broadcasting/Internet Radio
Theater and Performing Arts
Graphic Arts and Web Design                     
Television and Video Production

YES Curriculum has been praised by experts in the field of Media Literacy. According to Renee Hobbs of the Alliance for a Media Literate America (AMLA) “Youth Entertainment Studios, Inc. has created a flexible curriculum for after school programs for young adults – the materials are appealing, highly engaging, and relevant.”

Music Industry Basics

This program is designed for youth with an interest in the music industry.  It offers introductory level training in artist development, music production, and the business side of the music industry.  This program also contains an integrated media literacy curriculum which encourages youth to examine and interpret the messages that are presented to them by mass media.  Upon the completion of the Music Industry Basics program, participants will gain invaluable knowledge of the music industry. In addition, they will have also written and recorded an original song, completed and presented a marketing package, and managed a simulated record company budget.

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Advanced Artists

The Advanced Artist program picks up where the Music Industry Basics module ends in terms of artist development.  Participants will continue to gain knowledge of the music industry as well as further develop their own talent and performance skills.  The participants will learn advanced songwriting techniques, business and negotiation skills, marketing and promotions skills, and continue to explore artist image and persona. Upon completion of the Advanced Artist program, participants will have competed a four-song demo CD featuring all original works as a part of a professional artist demo package, complete with professional headshots and artist biography.


Advanced Producers

The Advanced Producer program continues in developing participants into YES certified producer/engineers.  Participants will gain a more in-depth technical knowledge of studio production equipment and begin training using Pro Tools software application to record, edit, and mix audio. Participants will continue to learn the important business aspects of professional music production, including copyright and publishing laws, contracts and negotiations and how to conduct themselves as professional music producers and studio engineers. Upon completion of this program, producers will have completed a production project which includes a four-song production demo and will be prepared to complete the YES certification testing which upon passing, allows them to operate as professional YES producers/engineers.

Hands on Production and Classroom Training.

Radio Broadcasting

The Radio Broadcasting module is designed to help youth acquire skills in areas of media literacy, communication and technology.  Participants will learn the basic aspects of programming and running a radio station, journalism and interviewing skills, and begin to develop their own talent and skill as on-air radio personalities or behind-the-scenes producers and marketing specialists.  Participants will also learn the importance of examining and interpreting the messages presented in today’s popular music genres. In addition, participants will be equipped with technical knowledge that will help to bridge the digital divide and the basic principles for operating a business, including advertising and marketing.  Upon completion of the program, participants will program and operate a web-based radio station that reflects the culture and attitudes of the society in which they live.

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Internet Radio

The Internet Radio module is designed to link creative passion with technology skills and entrepreneurial desire.  In addition to learning the basics of traditional radio broadcasting, participants will be equipped with technical knowledge that will help to bridge the digital divide and the basic principles for operating a business, including advertising and marketing.  Participants will also learn invaluable personal and professional development skills.  Upon completion of the module participants will program and operate an Internet radio station that reflect their culture and attitudes about the society in which they live.


Theater and Performance Arts

The Theater and Performance Arts program is designed to give youth the opportunity to explore their own creativity and tell their own stories.  Youth will be introduced to both the creative and business aspects of theater and performance.  Participants will learn the fundamentals of stage acting, storytelling through scriptwriting and basic theater etiquette.  Participants will also learn essential behind-the-scenes aspects of theatrical production including casting, set design, make-up and wardrobe.  Upon completion of this module participants will have re-written, cast, and produced a YES play.


The Sportscasting program is designed for youth who are interested in both the sports and mass media industries.  This module combines the active involvement of participants in a round robin basketball tournament with ESPN-style broadcasting workshops and exercises.  Participants will learn essential journalism and communication skills including interviewing, play-by-play announcing and public speaking. Participants will also learn sports news writing from local media professionals as well as basketball skills through clinics taught by professional coaches.  Upon the completion of this program, participants will have reported and provided play-by-play commentary for the course of the tournament, and produced an “And-1” style highlight tape of the tournament.

Graphic Arts and Web Design

The Graphic Arts and Web Design program takes advantage of the enormous popularity of the internet and advances in graphic design software and technology.  These advantages create a compelling context for meaningful media literacy, technology and communication training.  This program helps participants understand the power of graphic arts, Internet technology and new media, and will teach them the fundamentals of graphic designs for a variety of media platforms.  Upon completion of this program, participants will have completed the development and design of a website, as well as marketing materials for products produced by participants in other YES programs.


Television and Video Production
(Options A or B)

The Television and Video Production programs are designed to help participants increase their knowledge of the film and television industry and give them a basic understanding of video production, all while improving their creative and critical thinking skills.  The program also helps participants understand the importance of media as well as the influence it has on their everyday lives.  The Television and Video production programs have two options:   (A) Music Video and (B) Documentary.  Upon completion of the Music Video option participants will have completed production of a music video for a song produced by their peers. The goal of the Documentary option is a completed documentary on a subject selected by program participants.







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