Please Say "YES" to Our Teens

Your support will make a big difference in the lives of hundreds of young people. In particular, YES effectively engages hard-to-reach teens and helps them turn towards a positive and productive life direction.

We recognize that not everyone has the skill or is in the position to mentor teens at one of our studio sites. The following suggestions are ways that everyone can help:

  1. Donate monthly financial support.
  2. Volunteer for fundraising, accounting, legal advice and website development.
  3. Donate a special one-time gift.
    1. As little as $100 will buy software to train a teen on the computer
    2. $350 helps us provide YES T-shirts for our participants
    3. $600 provides snacks for the whole year (we work with the FoodBank)
    4. $750 will provide a scholarship for one teen to our six-week performing arts camp this summer
    5. $1,000 pays for a computer to help teens learn media technology skills
    6. $2,000 funds a staff member to work during our summer programs

Monthly financial support is our biggest need. Please let us help you set up a program of monthly giving or any other way that works best for you. YES is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and a certified United Way agency. Your gift is carefully used to help teens and is tax deductible.

One-time gift of $200
One-time gift of $100
One-time gift of $50
Support YES with
$20 per month for one year.