What People are Saying About YES

Dan Rather
Writing about Adam Ballard in Dan Rather's new book The American Dream. (Pg 161)

For advice and counsel, YES brings in working writers, executives, and celebrities to mentor youth on their projects and teach them about the vast range of jobs behind the sense: "Real nuts and bolts," as Adam calls them, "that you can't get anywhere else." For Adam, it was a real chance to start turning his dreams into reality. "I loved it. All the students loved it. We put all our heart and soul in our projects." His first summer at YES, 1995, he directed a short music video about a "bad seed" who turned his life around with his cousin and fellow student performing as rapper. Next year, he directed, produced, and co-wrote a short film about abuse in teanage relationships.

Edward James Olmos,
Actor, Producer, Director

YES is one of the most innovative and exciting educational programs I've come across. It brings together young people from all backgrounds - Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Caucasion - and gets them to focus on a goal and then work as a team to complete projects.

Blair Underwood

The power of the YES concept is that it "hooks" at risk youth through the allure of the entertainment media and redirects them towards education. YES proves that leading with the Arts produces real results in the academic growth of young people.

Mike Tirico,
ABC/ESPN Sportscaster

I think YES is a great idea . . it's a competitive world out there and to have solid foundation in the business, learning from professionals will help those who participate in YES compete in the real world.